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2005-2013 Ron Littlefield

littlefield citybackground

Mayor Littlefield was sworn into his second term as Mayor on April 20, 2009.  He brought with him many years of experience in City Government and urban planning.  Under the guidance of Mayor Littlefield, Chattanooga has experienced a manufacturing rebirth with the announcement that Volkswagen would locate their North American Manufacturing facility at the Enterprise South Industrial Park.  Volkswagen’s $1 billion investment in the community will result in 2000 direct jobs and another 9500 indirect jobs.  Alstom Power is also investing over $300 million in a new facility and will be employing over 300 people.  Working closely with Hamilton County officials, our United States congressional delegation, state and local officials, Mayor Littlefield has been instrumental in attracting thousands of new jobs to our region in the past four years.

Mayor Littlefield’s dedication to Chattanooga’s neighborhoods has resulted in more sidewalk construction than any previous administration.  Coupled with his dedication to neighborhoods and support of increased involvement from community leaders, Chattanooga has seen a resurgence of neighborhood pride and neighbors coming together to fight blight and crime.  Under his direction, the Department of Neighborhood Services has been at the forefront of re-establishing itself as premier resource that citizens can rely upon for direction in reclaiming and strengthening neighborhoods.

By establishing annual neighborhood meetings in 2006, Mayor Littlefield has been able to hear directly from citizens in each of the city’s nine unique districts.  With departmental leadership supporting the Mayor, numerous matters are resolved immediately and others are given individualized attention.  Neighborhoods are stronger as a result.  Residents are able to speak directly with the Mayor and gain a better understanding of the City of Chattanooga.  Neighborhoods are integral to the success of our city.

Since 2005, approximately 198 miles of roads have been repaved, replaced, and improved in the city.  This creative use of scarce resources, along with a life time of working with State and Federal officials, has helped improve the city’s infrastructure and has positioned Chattanooga as a potential recipient of funding which will allow the continuation of this much needed work.

As a community planner in the 1970’s, Ron Littlefield was instrumental in establishing the Brainerd Levee as the City’s first Greenway and as Mayor, he has extended and improved the City’s Greenway system.  Under the leadership of Mayor Littlefield, Warner Park has undergone a dramatic transformation which has been a key component in reestablishing Chattanooga as a Softball Tournament destination.  Along with a new entrance to the Chattanooga Zoo, Warner Park is now a first-class facility able to once again host softball tournament play.  Combined with the new Summit of Softball, Chattanooga can once again host regional and national events which will have an estimated economic impact of $25 million within the next five years for our community.

In 2006 Mayor Littlefield joined 235 other communities when he signed the US Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement.  Creating a sustainable city is a long term journey and requires commitment.  In 2007, Mayor Littlefield appointed the Chattanooga Green Committee to advise and assist in moving Chattanooga toward the long-sought goal of sustainability.  The committee is working diligently towards this goal.

Mayor Littlefield has and continues to be committed to completing the transformation of Chattanooga.  From urban renewal to planned growth in the region, Mayor Littlefield has lead with experience and knowledge.

The installation of cameras in high traffic areas continues to deter speeding and dangerous driving habits resulting in a safer Chattanooga.  The supplemental use of cameras to help fight crime has been unprecedented.  Police officers are now equipped with state of the art surveillance equipment helping reduce their workload and their ability to fight crime more effectively.  The innovative use of technology continues to be high on the city’s agenda for Mayor Littlefield.

Mayor Littlefield’s commitment to providing better access to services for those less fortunate continues to be a priority.  The resources to effectively address homelessness and those at risk of becoming homeless already exist in our city.  All we need is an efficient delivery system.  Once in place, it will help to provide better access to housing, employment, and services.  Work continues towards this goal.

Though his license is now retired, Mayor Littlefield was a Realtor, specializing in Commercial and Industrial Development, in both Tennessee and Georgia from 2000 to 2005.  He has been an instructor at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, as well, teaching a summer postgraduate course on metropolitan politics and policies.

In private life, Mayor Littlefield and his wife Lanis have been married over 40 years.  They grew up in the same community and even attended the same elementary school. The couple dated in high school and married during Ron’s senior year at Auburn University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration in 1968.

After college, the couple moved to Chattanooga in 1968.  For more than 30 years, the Littlefield’s have lived in the same home in the Glendon Place neighborhood in Brainerd.  They have two grown sons.

Mayor & Mrs. Littlefield are active members of Calvary Chapel where they have participated in the recent building program for the church.  They also lead a small group Bible study.


Photo by Phillip Stevens and Matt Lea