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1923-1927 Richard Hardy

Richard Hardy 1923-1927(Lived June 29, 1868 – August 14, 1927)

Upon graduation from the University of Michigan, Richard Hardy became superintendent of public schools in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  A few years later, he transferred to Escanaba, Michigan before leaving education to become a salesman for Prang Educational Company in Chicago.  In 1905, George Millen of Michigan asked Hardy to assist in establishing the Dixie Portland Cement Company in Richard City, Marion County, Tennessee.  Hardy agreed, moved south, and became secretary of the company.  Though he moved to Chattanooga in 1907, Hardy remained active in the Cement Company and became president of the Company in 1914, a position he held until his death in 1927.  Very interested in making sure that children have the opportunity to receive a good education, Hardy oversaw the establishment of a company built school at Richard City.  With the company paying for construction, teachers, books and all needs of the school, the school became a “model school” for new educational techniques.  Hardy often said that the establishment of this school was the best thing he accomplished. 

Upon the resignation of Mayor Chambliss, Chattanooga commissioners voted to elect Edward David Bass as mayor. However, due to influence from the Tennessee Governor, Bass declined the position, and Richard Hardy was asked to complete the four-year term of Mayor Chambliss. 

Mayor Hardy died just four months after the completion of his term.  Upon his death, it was noted that, although the Mayor and his wife had no children, that they had been instrumental in the lives of many, as they paid for almost one hundred boys to attend college.

Photo by Phillip Stevens and Matt Lea